New Tool: Final Course Grade Calculator

I’ll be honest, there’s about a million of these on the internet already and they all do the same thing: tell you what grade you need to get on the final exam to get a specific grade in a course. Still, it’s gotta be on the website if I want a proper collection of school/college tools. :)

Next up is probably another extremely common tool, the GPA calculator. I’m going to try to make this particular GPA calculator a bit “smarter” by letting you modify the grading scale (ex. to consider an “A-” a 4.0 regardless of the minus), and making sure to account for AP / IB classes. I see this as a project that will take between 3 days and a week and a half, depending on how things go.

After that I’m going to try to jump back to more specialized tools such as the original Class Schedule Maker, with the “must have” tools out of the way.


EDIT: Going to avoid the GPA calculator, for now. There are TONS of them online, and lots of them are very good. Seems there’s no real good way to calculate GPA, as all schools do it differently. I’ll likely come back and make a basic GPA calculator some day (since it would be “proper” for the website), but, for now, I’d rather focus on creating less common tools.

StudyGizmo Launched!

Hello everyone, this is an introduction post to StudyGizmo, my first website.

StudyGizmo is going to be primarily a tools website dedicated to school and college specific tools. At launch only one tool is available: Free College Schedule Maker, a tool that aids in the production of visual weekly schedules. However, as the site grows, I hope to introduce many more tools into the mix.

This blog will be the official “development blog” for StudyGizmo, in which I will be announcing new features, tools, and bug fixes as the site develops.